Big pelagic marine animals coming close to you, colorful reef scenes full of life, macro creatures that hide incredible textures and patterns... My intention with this course is to bring you the art of underwater photography in a way I would have loved to learn when I started this journey of capturing images. From zero to hero. Learn the basics, master advanced wide angle and macro underwater photography techniques and learn how to edit your images in one-on-one online sessions with detailed presentations at your own time and pace. 

Online tuition

Personalized one-on-one sessions
in English or Spanish

Primary Focus

Underwater Wildlife Photography

UW Photo Techniques

Manual exposure & strobe lighting

Image Review & Editing

Mastering Lightroom & Photoshop

Theorical & practical components of the course

1. Personal camera set up

Let's jump into your camera menu and change some important settings that come with the camera by default. You won't need to readjust those settings again in the future except for specific situations.

2. Photography basics

The absolute base of photography. We will learn and understand the essential components to expose our images, and how they affect the visual appearance of the scenarios and subjects we want to shoot.

3. Focus & composition

Where technicality and creativity meet. Which part of the image do we want to highlight? Where do we want to position our subjects in the frame? Endless options to play and have fun with when shooting.

4. How to expose underwater with/without strobes?

Mastering manual exposure underwater and its crucial methodology. Let's introduce the artificial light! Strobe positioning, modes, power... each situation will require its own adjustments.

5. Introducing Lightroom & Photoshop

Two very powerful programs that will help us reach that perfect photography look we like.
Lightroom is an amazing tool, not only for editing but for organising your images as a whole library.

6. Learning the editing Lightroom module

Understanding all the different components and options for editing is key to letting your creativity flow.

7. Image review

Are you back from shooting? Let's have a look into your images and analyse their exposure and composition. We will select the ones with most potential to finally edit.

8. Let's edit!

The last step! We discuss different tips focused on  editing underwater photography. I will also teach you how to create your own watermark and the best settings for exporting your images. 

My main goal with this course is to make it as personal as possible. That being said, the first session will be complimentary and we will set the goals and schedule based on your own needs, level and experience. This is the main reason why the course isn't charged as a whole package but per time we spend together online.
The lessons will be held on "Google Meet" so I can share with you the respective presentations for each part of the course and the entire editing process.


Theory: 90 USD / hour
Image review & editing: 80 USD / hour

I offer scholarship tuition for those in personal/financial hardship who want to start or continue their photographic skills training. Please get in touch to discuss options we can make work for you.

The best way to arrange lessons is to contact me at or through the contact page.